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Crowd Convergence helps you create branded Twitter Walls, Instagram Walls and Social Activations.
Our simple DIY platform captures, filters & integrates social content into your events & marketing campaigns in real-time.

LiveTweetApp is an online solution to help you search, moderate and beautifully display tweets on a (big) screen. It increases social interactions during your events and conferences.

Twitter wall & Instagram stream for your event. Set it up in 30 seconds for free with Activity Walls. is a new cloud-based web application that aggregates and displays social media updates from the world's favourite social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Snapcastr builds beautiful live social walls with pictures and comments about your event. We search Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for your event #hashtag.

The Socialpoint® engagement platform energizes your attendees at all of the events in your portfolio.

Once you have signed up for a plan you are ready to run an event. We have conveniently created ParaTweet events to mirror actual events. Whether that be a conference, concert, barcamp, nightclub, or church.

Our company's mission is to provide innovative social media tools to drive customer engagement in real-time at events and extend the buzz of events virally through social networks.The integration of TweetWalls has transformed how people interact!

Clockwork's Tweetwally is a Twitter power tool, a way to save and customize search results and present them in different formats.

Insteo creates digital content designed to educate, entertain and engage, with editable Menu Boards, Catalogs, Social Media Screens and more, powered by our revolutionary Content Design System.