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Find and be found using PeopleHunt. Share knowledge to connect. PeopleHunt is a new iPhone app which turns the idea of Meetups into spontaneous get-togethers based on "things you can show, tell or teach

SmartDraw's exclusive smart formatting lets anyone create professional-looking charts and diagrams with ease. Just click a few buttons. You can even build diagrams using only the keyboard.

Core-apps was founded in March 2009 to focus solely on technology for the event industry. Core-apps is the creator of FollowMe, EventLink, and MemberDirect, leading mobile applications for trade shows, events, and Associations.

Map Your Show (MYS) was started in 2005 by a fourth generation family owned company. Originally offering only its interactive floor plan for trade shows and conferences, MYS has grown to offer an entire suite of show management software solutions.

Since 2003, QE Software has been committed to providing the event industry accurate and affordable room layout software.

PerfectTablePlan was created by Oryx Digital, a business owned and run by me (Andy Brice) and my wife (Claire Brice). The software grew out of the problems I experienced creating a table plan for our own wedding.

The most important thing when planning a wedding (or any event) is to be organized; The best way to organize is with Seating Arrangement.

Gliffy Online runs on an HTML5 editor that’s more than twice as fast as Flash. Create and edit even very large diagrams without wasting time.

The goal of BoothBoss at its conception was to create a user friendly space management system that would allow for online exhibitor booth registration and would allow the trade and consumer show manager the ease of making last minute changes.

TripBuilder Media EventMobile apps turn your attendees from event goers to event doers. Our event apps are designed to take audience engagement to the next level with all the full-featured horsepower you would expect in your event app and more.